Family Trips to Cadbury World

Birmingham’s very own chocolate paradise, a unique place to indulge all of your senses.
Our attraction is a fun, educational multimedia attraction dedicated to the story of Cadbury and chocolate.

You will be welcomed by John Cadbury and hear the inspiring story of the early struggles to establish the Cadbury business.Listen while John Cadbury and his sons, Richard and George tell you about the formation and subsequent growth of their family business, how they developed their production methods and the quality of the product, the reasons behind moving in 1879 to “the factory in a garden” and even how it became named Bournville.

Everybody loves the story of how liquid chocolate is made, especially when it comes with some very special effects.Here you will learn about the most important ingredients of milk chocolate, and the way Cadbury combines them to create that marvellous Cadbury taste.
But be warned, you’re in for a few surprises...

Step into one of our Beanmobiles and enjoy a gentle ride through a chocolate wonderland populated by familiar characters as you discover the magic of Cadbury.

Great fun for kids, especially the “bigger ones”!

One of the Beanmobiles is adapted to take wheelchairs, so everyone can enjoy the ride.

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